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Artist statement

My artwork relates my experiences as a practicing Catholic to larger aspects of my life and also examines the place of Christianity within my life and the world. I work project-based and through a variety of media.  Labor and time commitment is a large element of my art practice. I enjoy repetition or repetitive tasks that allow me to become fully absorbed in the working process. 

My current work relates to certain parts of human anatomy and ideas connected to the 'body', including spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical aspects.


Sara Caporaletti is a visual artist living and working in Maryland. Caporaletti received her BA in studio art from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD and her MFA in interdisciplinary fine art from American University in Washington DC.


She has participated in several artist residency programs and has exhibited her artwork in group exhibitions in art centers/galleries around the DMV area.  

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